Best Things you must do in Venice, Italy

There are literally dozens of things to do and see in the city of Venice and the choice depends a lot on your interests. Below we look though art 5 of the best options for enjoying Venice.

See St Marks Square at night

St Mark’s Square is such a beautiful square, but it can be difficult to appreciate the full beauty of it whilst it is packed with tourists during the daytime. If you are staying in the city overnight you should make the effort to return in the dead of the night and take in the Veneziafull character of the historic area in the moonlight.

Get Lost and wonder around

As well as the main attractions in the city of Venice there are countless side streets and squares which are not conventional attractions but have so much to offer a visitor to the city. You should definitely take the time to get lost and just see where you will end up. This way you will see so much more of the city than most who come here and have your own unique experience.

Visit a glass blowing museum

This is a traditional Venice art craft but few people actually take the time to experience it. One of the best places to experience glassblowing is Murano Island, which is the closest lagoon to the city centre. Watching somebody blow glass is highly fascinating, educational and extremely fun.

Go for a hike on Torcello Island

There is plenty to explore slightly outside of Venice City centre, and Torcello Island is one of the best. This is a nature reserve about an hour away from Venice which boasts some superb landscape which is ideal for spending some quiet time away.

You might also be interested to learn Italian in Italy and Venice is an excellent place at which to be based if you choose to learn in this lovely city. You might also enjoy the Junior Italian courses in Italy.

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